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Whether you are someone who would like to meander leisurely through the hills or the type who would rather race down a snowy course, snowmobiling near Park City, Utah is an experience not to be missed. Especially this tour, which traverses North Forty Escapes (a.k.a. Stillman Ranch), an incredible and private 10,000-acre preserve located at 1 Stillman Ranch Road, in Weber Canyon of the Uinta Mountains just east of Oakley.  This property has been called the greatest place in the region to snowmobile, and absolutely worth the 40 minute drive from Park City.

Our Park City area snowmobile tours include the snowmobile rental for anywhere from one to four hours. The particular snowmobiles they use come complete with heat vents and heated handgrips (be sure to wear gloves anyway, or the wind will still make your hands very cold) and are powerful yet easy to control and safe to ride.

Even first-time snowmobilers will feel comfortable on these machines, and no experience is necessary for this adventure. The tour guides will give you the training you need before embarking on your ride and will be there the entire time to support you in any way needed. As soon as you start moving, you will see why Park City snowmobiling is so popular, and you can relax and have fun knowing you are in good hands with expert guides that know the terrain and the snowmobiles well.

These guided snowmobile rides wind through idyllic scenery to ridge tops with stunning views and offer opportunities for you to play in open fields and meadows. Again, don’t worry if you are new to the sport, the guides are there to supervise at all times. Your ride will begin and end at a beautiful (and heated) log cabin, and packages including a delicious lunch or dinner are available as well. This will be an unparalleled experience – don’t forget your camera!

  • Local knowledgeable guides and staff
  • Unbelievable scenery with trees, mountain meadows, and streams
  • Snowmobiles have heated handlebars and heat vents for added comfort

Snowmobile tours are the most enjoyable way to experience the High Uinta Mountains during the winter season. The scenery is spectacular, especially when seen from top-of-the-line snowmobiles. These machines are manufactured for warmth, comfort and safety.