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Quick Details

Adult Women Snowshoe
Adult Men Snowshoe
Youth Snowshoe 40-90 lbs
Child Snowshoe Under 50 lbs
Toddler Snowshoe Under 50 lbs

Rent snowshoes and explore!

Snowshoes rentals are an easy and care-free way to enjoy exploring out in the snow!

If you can walk, you can snowshoe!

Pick up your snowshoes rentals at Destination Sports’ new store at 103 N. Commercial Street in Morgan, Utah.
For your convenience, 1 rental day is a 24 hour period.

Each snowshoes rental includes a pair of snowshoes and an optional pair of poles.

The snowshoes bindings are made to clip on over top of your own snow boots.
If you don’t have waterproof snow boots, then we recommend adding on a pair of our Neos Overshoes for an extra $5 per pair.
If you don’t have waterproof pants or ski pants, then we recommend adding on a pair of our gators for an extra $5 per pair.

To be prepared and comfortable for your snowshoeing excursion, we recommend dressing in warm layers; a base layer, a mid layer and an insulated outer shell. This way, you can remove or add layers as weather conditions and your activity level require.

Recommended footwear includes warm wool socks or ski socks and waterproof snow boots that are comfortable for walking. The second best option for footwear is waterproof hiking boots. If regular athletic shoes is your best option, then you will want go get our Neos Overshoes to keep your feet dry.