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Our private kayaking lessons will be customized for you. Depending on your prior experience, or lack thereof, we may opt to start you out on a nearby reservoir with still water so that you may become comfortable with the dynamics of controlling and moving your kayak through the water.

If you have kayaked on lakes or oceans before and are comfortable with your ability to take effective and strong paddle strokes, then you’re probably ready to hit the Weeb! (the Weber River).

The Weber River is great for a first river kayaking experience. There are calm stretches, thrilling and more technical bouldery runs, and fun Class II and lower Class III rapids. The river offers a unique experience, especially if you’re only used to ocean or lake kayaking.

The best part is that you do not need to worry about learning to roll to use our inflatable kayaks. If your boat flips, you just fall out of the boat. Climb back on to the kayak and continue paddling your merry way down the river.

Enthusiasm and the willingness to keep on paddling are the key factors to success for river kayaking, well, that and a certain physical strength and stamina. If you are not sure if you meet this requirement, give us a call and we’ll chat about it to help you determine whether river kayaking is for you.

  • Inflatable kayak
  • Helmet
  • PFD
  • Paddle
  • River shuttle
  • Expert instruction