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Full Day
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Youth Rafting & Kayaking Adventure Program

Program Overview: Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Youth Rafting & Kayaking Adventure Program! Located near Park City and spanning the beautiful stretches of the Weber River between Henefer and Morgan, our program offers half-day and full-day sessions filled with exciting river rafting, kayaking, hiking, and lake kayaking trips. Designed for youth aged 8-18, participants will have fun with friends, improve river paddling and navigational skills, practice stewardship principles, and can even earn volunteer community service hours.

What We Offer:

  • Varied Schedule: Full-day adventures every Tuesday throughout the summer. Half-day river trips meet up with the Full-day group in the afternoon.
    Full-day sessions include a morning hike or lake kayaking trip on alternating weeks.
  • Inclusive Activities: No prior river experience is required for rafting. Kayaking is open to teens aged 12-18 with prior whitewater experience. Beginners interested in kayaking can join our River Guide Training Program or opt for a Private River Kayaking Lesson.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Participants will learn about the geology, ecology, and sociology surrounding the Weber River, enhancing their appreciation of its importance.
  • Club Session Fee Includes: Life jacket, paddle, adult guides and supervision, river shuttle service, 2-3 hours of paddling time, space in a raft or a single sit-on-top inflatable kayak, and an enriching morning activity during full-day sessions.
  • Community Service: Teens can opt to trade payment for volunteer community service, contributing to the cleanliness and stewardship of the river environment.
  • Safety and Fun: Our program prioritizes safety, with experienced guides leading every trip. The river sections chosen offer a mix of mild whitewater rapids and calm stretches for a balanced experience.

Practical Details:

  • Age Groups: Rafting is available for ages 8-18; kayaking is available for teens ages 12-18.
  • Full-day Schedule & Locations: Full-day sessions start with a 9:00 AM drop-off in Morgan, including varied activities, and a 4:00 PM pickup in Henefer or 4:30 PM in Morgan.
  • Half-day Schedule & Locations: Half-day sessions start at 12:30 PM drop-off in Henefer for the 1:00 river trip launch.  You can pick your child up at 4:00 PM in Henefer or 4:30 PM in Morgan.
  • Payment: Payment is required upfront for reservations, with a flexible cancellation policy.

What to Bring for Full-day trips: Bring a packed lunch and 2 water bottles,  non-melting snacks, appropriate footwear for river and hiking, a change of clothes, and sun protection.

What to Bring for Half-day river trips: Bring a water bottle,  a non-melting snack, appropriate footwear for the river, a change of clothes, and sun protection.

Our Commitment: In partnership with the Weber River Partnership 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we aim to foster a river stewardship ethic among participants. We encourage a deeper understanding and respect for our natural waterways through engaging activities and educational components.

Join us for an adventure combining the thrill of whitewater rafting and kayaking with the beauty of Utah outdoors, all while learning valuable skills and making a positive impact on the environment.