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For beginner river paddle boarders, and those wanting to dial in their flatwater stand-up paddle boarding skills, we offer private lessons for individuals and small groups. These lessons are a great way to prepare yourself for a fun trip down the River Weber, where you can encounter some mellow rapids and fun obstacles.

Our private SUP lessons will be customized for you based on your comfort and experience level, so everyone can benefit from a new perspective and paddle boarding tips. Depending on your prior experience, or lack thereof, we may opt to start you out on a nearby reservoir with still water so that you may become comfortable with the dynamics of controlling and moving your paddle board through the water.

Paddle boarding is a simple and fun sport to learn, offering many opportunities to explore Utah’s incredible waterways. And our SUP guides really know their stuff! These world-class instructors can’t wait to share one of their favorite pastimes with you on the beautiful Weber River!

If you have paddle boarded on lakes or oceans before and are comfortable with your balance and your ability to take effective and strong paddle strokes, then you’re probably ready to hit the Weeb! (the Weber River). Check out our SUP trips down the Weber River and put your skills to the test!

  • Guide
  • Expert instruction
  • PFD
  • Stand up paddle board
  • Paddle, helmet
  • Safety pads
  • River shuttle
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