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Snowshoeing has always been a well-loved pastime here in the mountains.  Lately, it has become even more popular, giving it the status of being one of the fastest-growing winter sports, and you will quickly understand why as soon as you venture out in your first pair of snowshoes!  A snowshoe tour across our beautiful 9,000-acre ranch, or around the foothills of Park City, will leave you smiling and red-cheeked with memories that will last a lifetime.  Our experienced guides will take you along a breathtaking course over rolling hills and through groves of snowcapped aspens.  Keep your eyes open – you may even be treated to glimpses of some extraordinary wildlife out here!

Our Park City snowshoeing tours are great for beginners or experts.  No experience is necessary, yet the tours are designed to be fun for everyone, even the most seasoned of snowshoers.  Snowshoes and poles are provided, all you have to do is show up in warm, winter clothing and good boots that will support your ankles, and definitely don’t forget your camera – you have to see these views to believe they are real!  The tours can last anywhere from two to four hours and can be open to others or private, though, if you choose the open tours, you never know what new friends you might make along the way.

The scenery here in the foothills of the Uinta Mountains is amazing and you will find yourself deep in a picturesque winter mountain scene.  The guides know the area well and are happy to share their experiences and knowledge, so you may hear some great stories and learn something new!  Snowshoeing in Park City, Utah is a one-of-a-kind experience in an idyllic setting, far away from traffic and crowds, and one that should not be passed up.  Destination Sports will make all the necessary arrangements, leaving you with nothing more to do than show up and have a great time!

Mountain Scenery All Ability Levels Great Fun
Pristine Vistas Family Friendly Customizable

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Park City Area Private Snowshoeing Tour

Snowshoeing is an easy way to enjoy the greatest snow on earth, even if you don't ski or snowboard.  Come feel the crisp air on your face, and take pleasure in the breathtaking views of the snow covered hills while your friends and family are tearing up the slopes.  

If you can walk, you can snowshoe!


1 person: $158

2-5 people: $79 per person

6 or more people: $70 per person


2-5 people: $158 per person

6 or more people: $148 per person 

Extra time is $50 per hour.

TIME: Start time is flexible, can be 6:00 a.m. for a sunrise tour, or 5:00 p.m. for a sunset tour.  Or any other time that strikes your fancy.  On the public trails, we normally try to avoid busier times so that we can offer you the best experience possible.

INCLUDES: Guide, snowshoes and poles, transportation, water and snack

*Delicious catered sack lunch can be added on to any tour for $15 per person.

LEVEL: Beginner to Expert

LOCATION: Varies based on what you want out of your tour.  Options include in and around Park City, Huntsville and Weber County, or a little farther out in the foothills of the Uintah Mountains.

*This activity is not handicap accessible.

**Park City Area Snowshoeing Tour times are flexible, and allow you to spend a half day of skiing or snowboarding at your favorite Park City Resort.  

***Transportation fee may be required for Uintah Mountain trips, or trips to areas away from your pickup location.

Sunrise Snowshoe Tour: For the early bird looking for the worm, an early morning sunrise tour offers a pristine experience with no crowds, wildlife sightings along the way, and a cool refreshing start to your day. 

Sunset Snowshoe Tour: These are late afternoon and early evening tours. You will experience an assortment of colors with the setting sun and witness the alpenglow view of Park City. On your return after the sunset, headlamps are provided for the return hike out. This is a pretty cool way to enjoy a snowshoe adventure.

Historic Park City Tour: Originally established as a mining camp, Park City is rich in mining history. Many of the old mining sites and historical buildings are still standing.  You will explore some of these sites and learn the history of the area. Many of these historic buildings have been refurbished in their original architecture.  Books are available for purchase at the Park City Museum.
Snowshoeing Tour

Full Moon & Stargazer Private Snowshoeing Tours


2-5 people: $79 per person

6 or more people: $69 per person

TIME: Times will vary as the sunset time changes.

Stargazer Tours are available every evening (check weather forecast for expected cloud cover).

Full Moon tours are only available during the full moon lunar period. 

DURATION: 1 - 2 hours

INCLUDES: Guide, snowshoes, poles, water, transportation and a headlamp if needed.

LEVEL: Beginner to Expert

Imagine the ambiance of a star-filled night on a glistening snowy trail in Park City!  When the moon is full, if there is no or little cloud cover, it can be so bright with the reflections off the snow that you don't even need a head lamp.

The Full Moon Tours and Stargazer Tours are a very unique way for people to enjoy a snowshoeing experience in and around Park City at night.  

This activity is great fun for large or small groups.  Complete the experience by adding hot chocolate, wine tasting, or a warm snack.

*Snowshoeing activities are not handicap accessible.

Uinta Mountains Private Ranch Snowshoeing Tour

Just a 30 minute drive from Park City, you'll enjoy the serenity of snowshoeing on a private ranch in the foothills of the Uintah Mountains.  You'll experience rolling hills and meadows, aspen groves and pine forests, a crystal clear mountain stream, and breathtaking vistas. 


1 person $178

2-5 people $99 per person

6 or more people $89 per person

START TIMES: 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm

DURATION: Approximately 2 hours

INCLUDES: Guide, gear, water and snack

ADD-ON: Fireside dinner is $45 per person. 

  Sack lunch is $15 per person.

  Round-trip transportation from Park City area to the ranch is $20 per person.

LEVEL: Beginner to Expert

*Snowshoeing is not handicap accessible, but the fireside dinner is.

For memories to last a lifetime, make it a complete experience by adding a horse drawn sleigh ride and a delicious Fireside Dinner.  For this package, snowshoeing starts at 3:00 p.m.  You'll enjoy the late afternoon and the setting sun over the snow covered hills. Then relax by the warmth of the crackling fire for an evening dinner presented Western style with all the trimmings.

TRANSPORTATION FROM PARK CITY: $20 per person.  However, if you book dog sledding, a snowmobile tour or sleigh ride with fireside dinner for same day, then the transportation is free of charge.

Private Ranch Snowshoeing Tour

Custom Snowshoeing Tour

You choose the start time, length of tour, and destination!


1 person $158.00

2-5  people $79.00 per person

6 or more people $69.00 per person


2-5 people: $158 per person

6 or more people: $148 per person 

TIME: Departure times vary with the tours and you set the schedule.

INCLUDES: Safe professional guide, water, snack, and excellent equipment (snowshoes, poles, and headlamp if needed).

LEVEL: Beginner to Expert

*This activity is not handicap accessible.

*Additional charges may apply for extras like shuttles, added time and special requests.

*Private trip minimums may be implemented for destinations more than 30 minutes away from the Park City area.

Tours designed by you with a specific activity and location in mind.  Can be great for that special day or occasion.

Tours designed by you with a specific activity and location in mind.  Can be great for that special day or occasion.

Some requests we have fulfilled for previous clients:

-Full-Day Tours with a lunch

-Half-Day Tours with lunch or dinner

-Tour the High Uinta Mountains

-Explore groomed trails in Eden and Snowbasin Resort area on Mount Ogden.

-Trails closer to Salt Lake City, in Millcreek or the Cottonwood Canyons.

Custom Snowshoeing Tour

Snowshoe Rentals


For the more independent of adventurers, snowshoes and poles are all you need for a great day out on the beautiful snow covered hills and meadows of Northern Utah. 

Our rental gear pick-up location is at the Hyatt Centric Hotel at the Canyons. Delivery to anywhere in the Park City area can be arranged for a small fee.

COST: $35 per day

INCLUDES: Snowshoes and poles

LEVEL: Beginner to Expert

DESTINATION:  It's up to you.  The options are limitless!

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Frequently Asked Questions Section


Is this suitable for young children?

SUNRISE TOUR: Yes, as the trips are designed for the abilities of all participants. This makes for a great family activity.

SUNSET TOUR: Yes, all trips are designed for the ability level of all participants. This makes for a great family adventure.

SNOWSHOE TOUR & FIRESIDE DINNER: Yes, this activity is suitable for young people with snowshoe experience. This is not a difficult tour but weather and snow conditions can be a factor. Take plenty of extra warm clothing for the younger folks.

FULL MOON TOUR: Yes, these tours a designed for all ability levels but if the departure time is later or the weather is inclement some thought to the enjoyment level for children should be considered.

HISTORIC PARK CITY TOUR: Yes, these tours can be designed for families with small children.

CUSTOM TOUR: Yes, custom tours can accommodate young children with certain considerations such as weather, length of tour, choice of terrain and the ability level of the younger members.

What should I wear?

SUNRISE TOUR: Warm but layered clothing (ski clothing works great) warm boots, hats and gloves are a must.

SUNSET TOUR : Warm but layered clothing (ski clothing works well) warm boots, hat and gloves are a must.

SNOWSHOE & FIRESIDE DINNER TOUR: Warm layered clothing (ski clothing works great) an added layer for cold evenings, warm boots, hat and gloves.

FULL MOON TOUR: Warm layered clothing (ski clothing works well) an added layer on those cold nights, warm boots, hat and gloves.

HISTORIC PARK CITY TOUR: Warm but layered clothing (ski clothing works well) warm boots,hat and gloves are a must.

CUSTOM TOURS: Warm layered clothing (i.e. ski clothing), an added layer for extra cold days or nights, warm boots ,gloves and hat.

What should I bring?

SUNRISE TOUR: Sunglasses, small back pack, sunscreen, lip balm and any personal Items you may want.

SUNSET TOUR : Sunglasses small back pack, lip balm, headlamp if you have one and any other personal items you choose.

HISTORIC PARK CITY TOUR: Sunglasses, small back pack sunscreen, lip balm and any personal items.

FULL MOON TOUR: Small Back Pack, lip balm, head lamp if available and any personal items.

CUSTOM TOURS: Sunglasses, small back pack, lip balm, personal items and the items required for the custom type tour.

SNOWSHOE & FIRESIDE DINNER TOUR: Sunglasses, small back pack, lip balm, headlamp if available and personal items

Can I bring a camera? Any special considerations?

Yes and a waterproof disposable with flash is the safest choice but that decision is up to you.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, on all tours. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and their waiver must be signed by parent or legal guardian.

What else should I know?

Trip times may be customized to accommodate each group.

Specialized trips are also available upon request.

Private trips for one person are available.

Transportation is available for an extra charge.

Weather in the mountains changes frequently. Dress in layers, prepared for the most expreme.

How cold will it be? Consult the local weather forecast posted in the media.

There are restrooms in the Log Cabin at the base.

*Sales tax and gratuity are not included in the price.

**48 hour cancellation policy is enforced.

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